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Passwords are necessary to keep your accounts in different websites secure. You need to create strong passwords that are difficult to guess or to crack, never repeat the same password for different websites or apps, and even you need to change your passwords frequently

If you don’t like to change your password specially if strong and unique, you can use many options such as two factor authentication that will render your accounts practically uncrackable. In addition, if you suspect that a password was hacked or if there is a security breach or if you discover malware or phishing software,  you need to immediately change your password

In view of all of these issues, the use of a password manager is highly recommended. You can generate strong unique passwords with letters, characters and numbers, you will store all your passwords in an encrypted vault, you just need to remember one password (master password). No more need to memorize or write down your password. Also, the program will notify you in case of old or weak or reuse passwords. When you visit you favorite website, the program will fill it automatically for you

Sticky Password is the developer of an award-winning password manager and form filler. Since 2001, Sticky Password has been protecting millions of passwords for consumers and providing automatic login, one-click form filling and secure storage for sensitive personal data.

Sticky Password does everything you need and expect from a password manager with both free and premium versions available. The premium version offers you more features and sync all your data among all of your devices. The program is easy to install, simple to use and available at a reasonable price

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Platforms and Browsers supported:

you can install Sticky Password Premium on all your Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, as well as sync your passwords across those platforms. The program supports 17 browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (Chromium), Opera and 12 more browsers

Master Password:

Your Master Password is the strong password that you will use to lock and unlock Sticky Password and log into your StickyAccount. This is the only password you have to remember. You will use it to protect your passwords in your personal encrypted database, and to authenticate the connection between Sticky Password and your cloud account. Only you know your Master Password.

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Free vs Premium Versions:

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Password management with advanced features:

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You can store any number of passwords for different websites and even many passwords and accounts for the same website. You can sync your password among all devices you have so that you will be able to use your passwords wherever you go in an encrypted and safe way. The program will automatically fill the passwords for you once you visit the website and let you login immediately

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Using the browser to do this is sure not a good idea, it is not secure, anyone with access to your computer can access your passwords and it will only work on this browser

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The program has app password save to store the accounts required for may apps. There are many forms available such as social, forums, travel, shopping, gaming and many more

Quick access feature makes it easy to see the passwords of your common and favorite websites. The secure dashboard which shows weak, old and reuse passwords and let you easily change it with strong passwords for the safety of your accounts

The portable passwords feature will let you store a copy portable with you in USB drive that is easy to have anywhere you go. Thanks to this tool, you can you can use your passwords on any PC without having to install Sticky Password on the computer.

Password Generator:

This built-in tool will let Sticky Password create unique superstrong passwords automatically and different for each account.  In addition, the program will identify and change weak, old and reused passwords with the security dashboard. Of course it is hard to remember all of these passwords, no need to worry about this as the program will save all your passwords for you and sync so that you can access on any device

Automatic form filling:

This feature will help you and save your time. You can create many identities that include your required details as name, address, job, country and so on. The program will autofill any online form with the details of the identity you choose. The whole process is very simple and with a mouse click, all your details are added online

Easily Sync your passwords among all devices:

You can easily sync all your passwords, logins, credentials and more to all your devices. This will help you to access them anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is to select from industry-leading sync options either using cloud or local WiFi sync. If you choose local synchronization; your encrypted data never leaves your network and your devices.

Security and Encryption:

AES256 encryption:

The world’s most advanced encryption standard used by the US military and government is implemented with PBKDF2 to provide the strongest protection.

2factor authentication

When activated, two independent pieces of information provide extra protection for your data: your Master Password and a uniquely generated security code.

Biometric authentication on iphone and Android:

Sticky Password supports authentication with fingerprint on Android and iPhone devices. You can unlock your password database on iPhone,  smartphones and tablets using your fingerprint. In addition; facial authentication is also supported on iOS


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Licenses: 3 Lifetime and 10 Annual Licenses

Duration: 3 weeks



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