Slidewise: Add-In that Supercharge your PowerPoint productivity

Slidewise:  Add-In that Supercharge your PowerPoint productivity

Slidewise is a Microsoft power point add-in that makes it easy to find, edit, and control your presentation content. It will much increase your productivity and save your time with many built-in tools and features that are not available in Powerpoint.

You can easily detect what makes the size of your presentation so large, for example video or images or objects

Managing issues with rogue fonts and media in PowerPoint can chew through huge amounts of time, and be extremely frustrating as well. Slidewise aims to supercharge your productivity by revealing the crucial information you need to see on the fonts and media in your presentations, and also giving you the tools to manipulate them with confidence.

If you run your presentation on another computer, may look different than it does on yours. This occurs when the presentation is using a font that you don’t have installed on your computer. PowerPoint will see that you don’t have the font, and will automatically substitute another font to use in its place. It does this in order to keep the presentation usable and editable. Slidewise will scan both your presentation and computer, and immediately alerts you if any fonts have been substituted

In addition, with Slidewise, it is very easy to replace fonts if you don’t need them anymore. You can also replace all images at once

Replace any fonts — even fonts PowerPoint can’t reach!
Find large media (images, objects etc.)
Replace multiple image instances
Presentations can get pretty big. Now you can see why.
and much more…

User Interface :


By default Slidewise adds its own tab to the PowerPoint ribbon. Some people may find this inconvenient, or that it causes problems if you have a lot of tabs. To work around this here are some instructions on how you can add the Slidewise show/hide button to your Home tab. Follow the step by step guide HERE

Access media information you can’t get from PowerPoint:

Slidewise opens a Task Pane and creates an index showing the size of every component in your slide deck. Substituted fonts or missing links will show a warning: . Ellipsis menus indicate Slidewise features. Double-click a shape in the index to jump straight to it, or click a shape on slide to open it in the index.

Embedded Chart Data

When a Powerpoint presentation contains one or more charts, it will create or embed the entire Excel Spreadsheet that has the underlying chart source data. Slidewise enables the user to explore the charts and their embedded data.

Features and Uses of the application:

Slidewise is packed with useful time-saving features that will save you time when working in PowerPoint.

Size summary

See the size of your presentation and every item in it at a glance. No more guessing what’s making your presentation so large.

Substituted font warning

Slidewise will tell you which fonts have been substituted by PowerPoint because they aren’t embedded and you don’t have them on your computer. This feature will help you in many situations.

Embedded fonts

See if fonts are embedded, either fully or as a subset and easily remove them to reduce file size.

Linked media:

Slidewise shows you all of the linked files your presentation relies on. Easily locate, change, open, break and update linked media.

Reliable font replacement:

Replace multiple fonts at once saving you time having to select and replace fonts one at a time. Slidewise replaces fonts where the built-in feature in PowerPoint cannot.

Broken link warning:

Linked objects with missing source files are highlighted with a warning – alerting you to any links that need to be fixed.

Replace all images instances:

Replace all the instances of an image in your presentation in one action, leaving crop information unchanged. No need to waste your time to replace 50 instances of a logo, one logo at a time!

Double-byte to single-byte:

Slidewise lets you replace double-byte fonts with a standard single-byte font.

Target any item:

Double-click any shape in Slidewise to instantly jump to it in your presentation.

System requirements:

Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
.NET version 4.7.2
Microsoft Office 2016 or later. (32-bit and 64-bit versions )
Office 365/Microsoft 365.

Slidewise cannot be used in the web version of Office 365/Microsoft 365.

Files supported:

Slidewise works with any of the following XML PowerPoint extensions saved on disk:
*.pptx; *.pptm; *.ppsx; *.ppsm; *.potx; *.potm; *.ppam



Direct link:

Size: 24.3 Mb

Free trial:  2 weeks

Current version:
Version 1.0, released May 26, 2021

Changelog/New Features:



Slidewise is a PowerPoint Add-in that enables content-focused navigation and much improve your productivity with many tools that give you the ability to manage font replacement and embedding. You will skip the guesswork and see exactly which elements are driving up the size of your presentations. You can also replace all images at once. You will wave goodbye to silent font substitution. This will save your time and make your life on PowerPoint much easier