Share your experience and Choose your prize


Let’s have some fun during lockdown time and may be quarantine in some cases. We will start the giveaway in a new shape this time

[Image: K7h890t.jpg]

Currently; We have 4 licenses:

Revo Uninstaller Pro     

[Image: qpuximA.png?1]

Kerish Doctor 2020 

[Image: g6ezf5R.jpg]  

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 18         

[Image: EvP5cWT.png]

ESET Internet Security

Avast Premium Security 2020 (yearly license)

[Image: rZstfQA.png]

I may add more licenses later depending on user interaction and developers cooperation

If you have a license and want to donate it in this giveaway; that’s great. I will announce it and add your name

Now let’s start how to join the giveaway and have a chance to win a license?

1. Share with us how you enjoy your time during lockdown time and home stay?

2. If you have an experience with Corona virus (Covid-19 virus), you may share it with us. Any type of experience or information or even quarantine

3. Share the giveaway on Facebook or twitter with mention of Promo2day Forum and title and link to this giveaway:

For example; add the title of this giveaway + link to the topic + @Promo2day forum

4. You can share any interesting images you have related to corona virus infection, lockdown ….etc

5. Waiting to see members creation

*The giveaway will continue depending on members interaction; 

*We may add more licenses, 

*We may end the giveaway at any time, 

*We may also extend the giveaway

*Don’t select any software name as these are not arranged now.

[Image: Xzw4WsY.jpg]

The licenses are not arranged numerically and you cannot know which one you select, it is a matter of luck

Good Luck For All!

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