Promo2day 5th Anniversary Giveaways, Contests and Freebies

Hi All

We will soon be celebrating our Promo2day 5 year anniversary on our forum. 

There are several staff members putting out lots of effort and work to bring you a very good collection of giveaways for this celebration. Both software and games will be offered to members for FREE.

We would like all our members to join our social media accounts and promote these giveaways on your personal accounts, blogs, other forums, and websites…..

The more you help us by promoting and sharing, the more we can have these RARE giveaways.

Below are our accounts on social media and Telegram: 




Promo2day Group

Join the Promo2day Community, where we feature software giveaways, computer discussion, along with a fun, safe atmosphere You will need to Register before you can make posts, chat or enter the forum giveaways. 

If you have any suggestions or would like to help just visit and reply here in this topic.

Thanks, Mike