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Migrate your entire OS to a new PC, have a copy of your computer in your pocket, or downgrade from Windows 10/11 to Windows 7.

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Install Windows 7 to New Laptop or New PC

Install full-featured Windows11/ 8/8.1/10 to USB thumbdrive

Create self extracting standalone USB formatter

Save/restore USB thumbdrive to/from image file

Installable clones of Windows 7/8.x/10/11

Make a copy of your Windows OS (including all software and your data) on a USB thumbdrive or USB HDD and instantly transfer an entire OS to another computer, even with dissimilar hardware. If your laptop is lost or stolen, hard drive fails or Windows Update fails, or next ransomware virus strikes, then you can have your OS, software and data stored in the safe place, and restore it from USB storage device in no time.

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Convert WindowsXP or BartPE to bootable USB thumbdrive

If you dislike Windows 11/10 because of OS-builtin advertising, forced updates, untimely reboots and pervasive telemetry — then way to go is to return to Windows 7. But hardware marches on, and older operating systems hardly can play catch-up. Installation of Windows 7 to new computer fails right on the first screen: mouse, keyboard and boot device are inaccessible to Windows 7, due to lack of USB 3.0 support

Bootable clones of Windows 8.x/10/11

Using FlashBoot Pro, you can boot Windows directly from USB storage device on any computer you want. Need a second digital environment for privacy or entertainment? Need your favorite browser, app, game or document on travel? Just break out a copy of your computer out of your pocket! Bootable clone of your OS prepared by FlashBoot Pro is ready to go wherever you go.

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Using FlashBoot, you can install Windows 7 to new laptop or new PC with no problems. FlashBoot will prepare Windows installation USB thumbdrive with slipstreamed drivers, so you can quickly and easily install Windows 7 to any new computer, even Kaby Lake and Ryzen platforms. Besides of builtin USB 3.0, NVMe and RAID drivers, FlashBoot can also slipstream user-supplied drivers.

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Also FlashBoot enables you to install an instance of the Windows OS onto a USB storage device, empowering you to boot any PC from that device. With FlashBoot, you’ll be able to walk about with a fully-functional installation of Windows11/ 10, 8.1 or 8 in your pocket, ready to go under any circumstance. Need your favorite app, document, game, or browser when you’re sitting in front of a strange computer? Just break out your USB device prepared with FlashBoot!

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Installation of Windows 7 to the modern computers

FlashBoot Pro enables you to install Windows 7 on the modern Intel and AMD platforms quickly and easily. For maximum compatibility, it has prepackaged generic drivers for USB 3.x host controllers and NVMe controllers. Also FlashBoot Pro can patch Windows 7 UEFI loader to enable installation of Windows 7 to the modern computers based on pure UEFI firmware (that is, without CSM/Legacy boot option).

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And finally, FlashBoot facilitates installation of older operating systems, such as Windows XP, from USB thumdrive, and running minified version of it (known as BartPE) from USB thumbdrive. You can even use FlashBoot to build self-extracting standalone EXE files that contain exactly what you want, for rapid deployment whenever you need it. If capacity of USB thumdrive was reduced by other tools, then FlashBoot will automatically recover it to full capacity.

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Free edition of FlashBoot supports conversion of Windows Setup ISO file to bootable USB storage device, installation of full-featured Windows 8.x/10/11 from setup ISO file to USB storage device, and USB storage device imaging.

FlashBoot comes in two editions: FlashBoot Free and FlashBoot Pro.

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FlashBoot supports ESD format of source Windows installation images (in addition to ISO image files and directly-accessed DVD disks).

FlashBoot remains fully functional under Windows XP. This is because FlashBoot does not mount registry hives, FAT filesystems, WIM and VHD images via Windows kernel. These features are implemented inside FlashBoot, without invocation of platform-specific tools.

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For specific formatting scenarios, where compatibility with older computers matters, FlashBoot formats USB thumbdrives in such way that they will boot both in USB-ZIP and USB-HDD mode, regardless of BIOS settings. For such cases, FlashBoot also allows to specify disk CHS geometry explicitly at format time, as well as target drive letter, i.e. A: or C:

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We have 10x FlashBoot pro lifetime license for the giveaway.
These are single PC licenses, so all licenses should be used on 1 (one) computer only.

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