F-Secure SAFE 2021 – 3 years for free

F‑Secure SAFE is an award-winning internet security suite. SAFE protects you from viruses, trojans and ransom­ware. SAFE also secures your online banking connection. You can set limits for inter­net usage for children. You and your family can surf safely — both on desk­top and mobile. Get all this with F‑Secure SAFE

ANTIVIRUS The world’s best virus protection keeps your devices safe from viruses, ransom­ware and spyware.

BROWSING AND BANKING PROTECTION Handle your online shopping, banking and all other surfing without worries.

RANSOMWARE PROTECTION SAFE will monitor your important folders and block ransom­­ware from encrypting them.

FAMILY RULES Protect your family with one subscription and set healthy boundaries for kids’ device use.

Product Page: https://www.f-secure.com/safe

Thanks to mitxitorang one of our forum members for sharing this promotion you can get F-Secure SAFE Free for 3 years with a UK IP Address. Just use a vpn and visit the following address Here and sign up.

Thanks to Ia Pepe one of our forum members who also shared the promo code CUCBP-ZOBQO-UZFQRZBEQM which will extend your subscription if you already have an account