Creativities.PDF: PDF Editing Software Review

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Creativities.PDF is a powerful software for visual structure modification of PDF documents. It is an all-in-one application for managing and converting PDF files. It includes many functions and features that are required by many users for easy PDF manipulation. 



User Interface:

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. The main window includes all the available functions, displayed in well organized manner. Simple click on any feature, you will find a new window pops up.

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New Features:

[Image: kdGtWKr.png]

Version 1.2.0:

The new update with version number 1.2.0 extends the OCR functions. Texts in images can now also be recognized and saved.

Version 1.3.0:

Minor bug fixes


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Merge files:

Merge multiple files into a single PDF file

[Image: KU3RxI1.png]

Office to PDF:

Convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to PDF

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Images to PDF:

Convert images to PDF

[Image: Du4ioIc.png]

Edit structure:

Delete or rotate pages. Save as entire PDF or extract individual pages only.

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Preview page:

[Image: ozDLaCB.png]

Export images:

Read out the images integrated in the PDF

[Image: jFuU5in.png]

Split PDF:

Split a PDF into several individual PDFs

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Remove protection:

Remove a set password, encryption and restrictions

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Protect with password:

Protect and encrypt a PDF with a password

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Compress PDF:

Reduces file size by optimizing fonts, images, and content.

[Image: cC2Nmlv.png]

OCR – text recognition:

Convert non-searchable PDFs to searchable PDFs using OCR.

[Image: l9eXwLU.png]

Image OCR:

Recognize and extract text from an image

[Image: Q3ZMTxP.png]

Developer: Max Lock

After training as an IT specialist at an insurance company, I gained experience in software development at several medium-sized companies. Initially working exclusively in the development of Windows applications, the development of apps for smartphones became another focus of my current work.

The developer is registered in our forum and I would like to personally welcome him

Testing features:

The program is generally easy to use with friendly user interface. The image export feature is very useful as you can export all images in your PDF file to a specified folder. In addition, encryption features are working good and save your time to search and download other software to decrypt some PDF files.
All features tested are working in good 

My suggestions for the software:

1. Built-in reader to be the default PDF application if the user wish
2. PDF content editor is recommended so that I can edit pdf text
3. Split PDF file supports only pages. I tried to split file into 2 or 3 parts but cannot
4. No help files or tutorials although the program is generally easy to use
5. Install directory on my computer is not clear 
6. Full English translation is strongly recommended as some parts of the app and website is still in German language


The program is a collection of tools that will help you in the management of PDF files in a variety of ways. You can do many jobs such as merge, split, protect, decrypt, compress, edit PDF structure and convert images to PDF files. You can also extract all images in PDF file to outside folder with single mouse click. The program is easy to use with friendly user interface