Avast Secure Browser Pro 1 Year for FREE

️Avast Secure Browser is a browser from Avast that offers the user a set of various tools and functions for complete analysis and control of personal online activity and security on the Internet.


Banking mode.
SecureLine VPN.
Blocking trackers on sites by hiding the browser profile.
Blocking annoying ads.
Phishing protection.
Protecting personal data by preventing tracking by websites, advertising companies and other web services.
Stealth mode.
HTTPS encryption.
Password managers.
Blocking unwanted extensions and plugins.
Clearing sensitive data (browsing history, cached images, cookies, etc.).
Automatic blocking of Flash content.
Built-in “Download video” function to download any video and audio files.

The Internet offers many opportunities, but also some risks – you should definitely protect yourself from them.

For this reason, CHIP.de is giving away the Avast Secure Browser Pro for a short time in the 2022 Easter nest. You get the annual subscription to the premium software worth 50 euros free of charge.

Simply enter your name and email address on the giveaway page to receive the free license key for 5 devices.

Giveaway Page HERE