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Find, Record, Download, Convert and Enjoy Music, Radios, Videos & Movies

Save in Top Quality

Enjoy millions of songs without loss of quality! Via Audials, records in HiFi or Master quality are possible now!

Download Super Fast

Getting hundreds of songs or the artists’ complete discographies? Audials saves everything very fast und simultaneously!

Import Playlists

You can get playlists via Audials easier than ever before, you can download them or even export them.

Save Movies & Series

Enjoy all contents from streaming services in the best possible manner, even if they are no longer available. You can even record a list of films with the batch recording feature.

Record in Top Quality

You will receive the highest resolution, the suitable frame per second rate and smooth recordings, even in case of adaptive streaming, and ID3 tags.

Full Seasons Automatically!

Do you want to download easily an entire season of a series? Audials can save the full season as single episodes while you are sleeping.

100.000 Stations

Record the maximum of radio stations from all over the world, all genres and only your favorite music in up to 320 kBit/s. You can manage several favorites lists with the styles feature.

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Targeted Song Recording

The radio recorder cuts the songs correctly from the radio stream. Commercials and talk are removed. If you want, you can record specific songs. Or you can download songs automatically by scheduling a recording.

Adds Covers & Lyrics

Audials Radio always adds the song title, the album cover and the lyrics automatically. Editing these tags is possible at any time.

The World of Podcasts

Discover more than 350.000 podcasts from all over the world. New episodes are automatically displayed. Watching, listening, downloading and subscribing becomes enormously easy!

Recording music streams as files

Audials can scan and record music from Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music, Napster, video sharing websites and many other online sources. It does not matter whether you record form a web player or a PC software. Thanks to the fingerprint-based song recognition, Audials can save songs from almost any source as separate files.
If a streaming service is not preconfigured as a tile in the Music Streaming view, you will be able to record it by clicking the Other Source button.

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Audials Music Load

With Audials “Music – Load”, Audials scans Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, and video sharing websites. Simply select a song, album or artist and Audials will quickly and clearly present you all available versions, automatically suggesting the best version.

You can play the music directly or select it with one click and get your music immediately. You will be thrilled by how quickly and easily this works! You can type in artists, songs, charts and compilations etc. Then you can play them all, download them or add them to your playlist.

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Save a Spotify playlist

Audials imports playlists from Spotify or video sharing websites in the form of a link. Listen to the songs directly, rearrange them or remove songs you don’t like. This way you can quickly turn playlists from music services into your very own custom Audials playlist consisting of perfectly trimmed music.

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Watch and record all TV streams

Audials One enables you to comfortably watch the live streams of TV channels as well as their online movie, series and documentary offerings, and even record and save them as MP4, WMV or any other video file format.

Audials offers a broad selection based on country, category, TV channel, programme and series episodes. With the search function you can quickly and directly access what you are looking for. You can also jump from station to station and mark your favourites.

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Show all content in any size
Powerful integrated player, whether as part of the Audials software, separate from any other PC applications on your desktop or in full screen mode
Jerk-free fullscreen player
Highly optimized recording directly from graphics card
Recording can always be started and stopped with just one click
Recording in the background while watching
Recording of livestreams possible
Variety of supported video formats (MP4, H.264, H.265, AVI, u.v.m.)
Automatic naming and tagging


With Audials One you can convert over 100 file formats for movies, videos, podcasts and music and convert them with predefined device profiles for your PC, games console, tablet and smartphone. Audio books can also be converted using a special technique. Legal copying of DVDs is also possible. Audials One also has a lot to offer when it comes to organizing, transferring and editing media.

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Audials One provides you with a high level of comfort and many different ways to browse and structure your media. With folders for artists, subfolders for albums and hits, Audials makes life easy for you.

You can define how your collection is structured according to your own rules and even have Audials restructure it.

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Various Devices: PC, smartphones and tablets

Audials offers an abundance of possibilities to structure your music collection according to various criteria to suit your individual taste and personal preferences. Audials is also great at managing music and movies on your PC and in the cloud and at transferring them quickly and easily to mobile devices. It is optimized for ‘filling up’ Android smartphones & tablets as well as Apple iPhone & iPad


Download (112 Mb)

Program Functions:

New Features:

What is NEW?

Experience the quantum leap thanks to a newly integrated video recorder, revamped music manager and other major improvements!

Optimized for Windows-11 and Windows 10 

Your new browser recorder: top quality, simple & fast:

Audials works like a web browser and enables you to search for movies and series from any video streaming service and then play them back immediately, allowing you to watch the video while it’s being recorded. Select “Record from beginning ” to save the entire movie. You can also record the video in the background which lets you continue to use other functions while it’s being recorded. 
This works for any video streaming website! Simply choose a video and save it. Thanks to our brand-new overview of streaming sources, it’s easier than ever to find your favorite services.
This provides you with recordings in unprecedented top quality, also super-fast at twice (2x) the speed.

Faster & easier batch recorder:

The new web browser can also be used to automatically save multiple movies one after the other. Simply search for videos using Audials and add them to your movie list. The batch recorder will then play them at twice the speed in the background. Download huge collections of movies overnight!

Saving videos easier than ever:

The new video streaming browser lets you browse video platforms directly from within Audials, enabling you to save all your desired content in no time at all. You can also easily select the format and resolution in up to 4k.


Edit out ads with ease
Automatically detect & remove ads
Remove black bars


Subtitle search engine
Movie dialogs in all languages
Play videos with subtitles

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Impressive Netflix 5.1 surround sound
New video player
Improved encoder


Enjoy, discover and download music faster
Download music via our newly designed, easy-to-use main screen for artists, genres and top charts. Browse, edit and enjoy your own personal music as well as music from around the world in an extremely simplified format.
Make the most of your own music
Load music with ease
Genres, styles & the hottest top charts
Where would you like Audials to browse?


Recordings more precise than ever
Load music streams safely
Improved tag control
Use drag & drop on Tidal
Improved support for Tidal


Specify file names and recording folders
User-friendly duplicate management


Windows, menus and the user interface now feature a brand new design in the options. Changing something manually has an immediate effect on all other areas of the software.
Completely revamped settings

Highly optimized for Windows 11

Rounded corners and softer colors: the modern design of Audials blends in well with the new Windows 11. We have tested its functionality with this operating system extensively.

Windows 11 also contains a number of important improvements, particularly in the graphics and sound system. With Audials 2022, the performance of your PC will be used even better to create perfect music and video recordings for you. We have extensively tested Audials on this operating system.

Of course, Audials is also still compatible with Windows 10 and 8.

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