IVPN Pro Review

IVPN Pro Review

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IVPN Pro is a VPN solution that protect your identity and allows you to connect to virtual servers all over the world, including North America and Europe.

Do you really need a VPN?

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Who is behind IVPN?

IVPN is run by a team of information security experts and privacy activists. The founding team is a group of security professionals who met whilst studying information security at the University of London, UK (Royal Holloway). IVPN has been around since 2009, far longer than most VPN services. 

Resist Online Surveillance

What you do online can be tracked by organizations you may not know or trust and become part of a permanent record. A VPN can’t solve this on its own, but can prevent your ISP from being able to share or sell your data.


IVPN on GitHub:




Signup and Purchase:

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All IVPN plans include:

Anonymous registration – no email required
Open-source applications for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux
Private DNS servers
Cash, Monero and Bitcoin payment options for better anonymity
Money-back guarantee for 30 days
Killswitch/firewall and obfuscation methods where applicable
Router, NAS support

Why trust IVPN?

No logs, regularly audited VPN service
No customer data stored
Clear privacy policy
Transparent ownership and team
Strong ethics: no trackers, no false promises, no surveillance ads

System requirements
Internet connection
Subscription account

Does IVPN offer a free trial?

There is NO free trial option. An affordable one week paid plan is available which can be used to test the service out. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can sign up and try IVPN with no risks.


No logs
We do not log any user activity relating to the use of the VPN service as verified by a 3rd party audit (although only a snapshot in time).

No customer data
We’re a privacy service, so we don’t collect or store any personal data on sign-up, not even your email. We also accept cash, monero and bitcoin.

Open-source apps and website
This website and the IVPN app for all platforms are open-source for additional transparency and security.

Independent security audits
We commit to annual security audits to improve our security practices and transparency.

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Choice of WireGuard, OpenVPN or IPSec protocols using either the IVPN apps or any other compatible VPN client.
WireGuard privacy controls – Define a custom schedule for automatic key and IP address rotation.
AntiTracker that blocks ads, adware, malicious websites and data harvesting trackers.
Killswitch Firewall option on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and using the built-in On-demand feature on iOS. 
Offers protection against DNS, IPv6, disconnection and WebRTC leaks.
Private non-logging DNS servers accessible through our VPN.
Multi-hop VPN routes. Connect through multiple servers in separate jurisdictions for enhanced privacy.
Port forwarding for WireGuard and OpenVPN, reserved on all servers (excluding USA).
Define trusted Wi-Fi networks and create rules for automatic connection / disconnection.
Pause VPN for when you need to disable the VPN temporarily after which connection is automatically restored (except iOS).
Obfsproxy to circumvent censorship (Windows, macOS and Linux clients).
The Fastest Server feature connects you to the best server automatically.
Auto-connect on launch / on joining insecure Wi-Fi.



Security and Privacy

Its security is top-notch and worry-free. IVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption with 4096-bit RSA encryption and PFS (perfect forward secrecy). It allows you to set a custom DNS server for your VPN connection.

Visit HERE for privacy details

The IVPN firewall is a great feature that routes all of your network traffic through the VPN to keep you secure.


You can torrent with IVPN with only a few limitations.

Compatible Devices:

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What IVPN offer?:

Fast servers in 45 locations
Improved security for Wifi/LTE/3G/4G
Use on up to 7 devices (Pro plan)
Apps available for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows
Split tunneling
Set trusted networks and use custom DNS
Multi-hop connections for advanced privacy
Unlimited bandwidth
24/7 customer service assistance

What we do differently than other VPNs?

No logs and data collection
No free tier and selling of browser history
No third-party tools in app
No misleading ads
No false promises (e.g. full anonymous connection)
Privacy guides to help you improve your privacy
Transparent ownership and team
Civilian grade encryption
No overselling of our service – we are a truly fast VPN


IVPN is a very good VPN solution that offers good security, privacy, speed and no leaks. It supports all of your devices and easy to install.

Thank You to tarekma7 for this review.